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Recording at

Come and talk to us about our extremely flexible recording options.
We can record you using old-school analogue 16-track tape
We can record you digitally
We can record you live, straight to CD if you like

We can give you a finished mix, or files to take away and tweak to your heart's content...

Our desk is a fantastic 32 channel Soundtracs MXR model, with amazing mic pre-amps which is complemented by outboard compressors, reverbs and other fx by Drawmer, Alesis, Zoom and Behringer

And to make sure it sounds right in the first place, we use a selection of high quality mics by Sennheiser, Shure and AKG

And the price for all this?

Only 25.00 per hour or 200.00 per 10 hour day including CD master

Or do a live recording for only a tenner an hour on top of the Blue Room Rate! This is straight to CD, but through the Soundtracs desk and all the outboard gear used for multitracking. Contact us for more details.

Phone us on 0113 230 4008 or e-mail us

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