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As we're still getting some cancellations due to Covid, we ask you to consider wearing a face 
covering in the communal central area of the studio at busy times please to minimise the risk of infection. We also recommend you maintain a safe distance from other people whilst on the premises. Please also bring your own vocal mics if possible, to help minimise any transmision risk.

Please scroll down to see our available slots, including our Weekend 3 Hours for the Price of 2 Sessions before 6 pm.

Bring the noise!

After a lengthy bout of Rip Van Winkling Mook Records is proud to announce the release of "Sleepers Wake" by the one and only Percy. It's currently available digitally through itunes or their own bandcamp page. We'll keep you posted when the full physical release is scheduled. In the meantime there's an excellent and comprehensive review of the album by Trust The Wizards here

We were very pleased to welcome The Cribs to the Mookhouse at the end of July 2017 to record an additional track for the Japanese release of their current album. Check out the photos on our Facebook page. 

And veteran Dutch group Eton Crop popped in for an afternoon's rehearsal in the Orange Room, appropriately enough, ahead of  their British tour with Sink Ya Teeth in October 2018. Lovely folk, one and all.

Geoffrey Oi!Cott's raucous walk-on music for darts player Garry Thompson was a talking point again during the coverage of the 2013 World Championships on BBC TV. Unfortunately he didn't progress beyond the first round in 2014 (and subsequent years?!) But you can still check out the video of them recording the song in a Christmas stylee here at House of Mook!

Respect to Kleine Schweine for getting the one and only Tom Robinson to do an impromptu performance of 2-4-6-8 Motorway whilst he was at the Mookhouse in August 2012 contributing guest vocals to their debut album http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UR-Yw-dOo9A 

Further respect to them for persuading Phil Mook to contribute some shouty bvs too!!

As well as Phil Mook's work recording The Cribs and many others, including most of the Mook Records' releases , House of Mook was the base for Whiskas (Forward Russia guitarist and Dance to the Radio founder) to produce a number of projects including the afore-mentioned Kleine Schweine album, as well as recordings for Sam Airey, Blood Oranges, Soul Circus, Vacant Kiss, Arthur Rigby & The Baskervilles, to name but a few. 

Need a fast, cheap (but high quality) demo, or maybe some extra songs for whichever online social media window you favour?
We can record you live in the Blue Room for only 10 per hour on top of the rehearsal rate! (Minimum charge of 20 applies).

Here's our regularly updated list of available slots over the next week or so. Please note there's always some time free Mon-Fri before 6pm (when it's ultra-cheap rate), so this is just for slots after 6 pm and over the weekend. Please phone 0113 230 4008 if you want to book a session or email us. If it's a fairly last minute booking though, it's always best to phone!

Available Evening and Weekend Rehearsal Sessions

Wednesday April 24thEvening slots available
Thursday April 25th Evening slots available from 9 pm
Friday April 26thEvening slots available
Saturday April 27th"3 for 2" sessions available
Sunday April 28th"3 for 2" sessions available
Monday April 29thA slot at 9 pm
Tuesday April 30thEvening slots available
Wednesday May 1stEvening slots available from 8:30 pm
Thursday May 2ndEvening slots available
Friday May 3rdEvening slots available

*If you need to rehearse on a day when we're booked up, give us a call anyway and we'll get straight back to you if we get a cancellation.


Students - you must know by now that you get a for 10% discount on our rehearsal charges (on production of valid ID, natch). And everyone can get rehearsals for less than 5 per hour in The Blue Room if you do one of our 3 for the price of 2 daytime slots

So, give us a buzz and make that booking on 0113 230 4008. or email Phil direct here.


To the late great John Peel for his support over the years, Dave Bunn for strings etc; Bruce at Touchwood; Steve Kind; Carl at The Billiard Room; and all the bands for their valued custom (in non-alphabetical order):
Percy, The Cyanide Pills, Pop Threat (RIP), Rudolf Rocker, The Cribs, Starkitten, Eton Crop, My Exploding Heart, BPM, Lando (nee Circa), Phluid, Decoration, Eighty Six, John Holmes, Bracing Ed, Kill Yourself, 5'4", Kenosha, Buzzkill, Scream, Harold, Cha Cha Cohen, Seppe, Red Sea Pedestrians, Russell, Eamon Holmes and pals, Astronaut Brown, Leon, Real Fucky Fucky, Wrinkle, The Wok Smugglers, Phantom 309, Chevron, Xi, Tony K's World Of Phlegm, The Whitehouse Blues, The Casual Terraces, Em Whitfield, Cavil, D-Rail, Boyracer, Matt Black & The Emulsions, Fig. 4, Glass House, Indicator, Laser Kid, Last Night's TV, Zeus, JR, The Jack Klugman Orchestra, Monument Valley, Tilt, The Internationals, Wooley Edge, Shrinking of Treehorn, Greenwich Meantime, Sceptre of Piss, Crampon, Codex, Japanaro, The Future Sons of Rome, Dry Riser, Quarry Hill, Steve Westerman & Co, Angel Fish, Jamie Boyle, Homecut, The Beavers, Les Flames, Cribbins, Deliverance, November 1, Steve Sleeve, No Excuse, Lounger, Aidan G & Co, 10,000 Things, Charly Don't Surf, Astral Flyers, Mr Dogg, Conrad, Abrasive Wheels, Motion, Hairstreak, Splinter, Black Wire, Hot Prophecy, Samsa, Solo, T.M.F., Drunk Monkey, Horton Parks, O'Fracas, Mr Death, The Mingers, Farewell Party, John Drum, Like a Matador, Nikoli, ILikeTrains, William, That Fucking Tank, Farming Incident, Bonzai Kittens, The Bazaars, The 45's, Kakadabu, Dungeon Dungeon, Skank Agenda, The Pistol Apostles, Flatfoot, Lucky Royale, Genus, Ten Dollar Fist, The Happy Endings, The Nothing, Between Lines, Itch, The Dirty Soul, Superelectric, Pray For Hayden, The Tennessee Traincrash, The Ivories, Betray These Angels, Iron Horse, Eventually, The Sunshine Underground, Hell Ride, Redeye Funktion, Once I Tried, Silversound, Cactus, After Dark, Forward Russia, Yellow Stripe Nine, Roast, Red Wing Pilots, Slider, The Latchicoes, The Lodger, This Et Al, Mooch, All It's Worth, Indirah, The Pigeon Detectives, Jackson Palmer, Just Like Moses, New Legend, Retain The Right, VV6, The Echo, Send More Paramedics, Crave, Grasshopper, Soahc, Sativa, Knives For Prose, We Are Corpses, Sick Little Suicide, Quack Quack, Polaris, Bilge Pump, 30 Dirt Hero, Silent Victory, Douche La Bouche, Wintermute, Whores Whores Whores, British Fiction, The Minor Fall, The Sugars, Echodine, The Black Bats, RBAP, Dungeon Nun, The Plastic Beatles, This Bleeding Soul, Flux Capacitor, Black Rood, Nutty Skunk, Squid Beast, The Dharma, Instruments of Torture, The Hair, Pink Champagne, Lost The Plot, Blessed Action, Sedjikoo, Under The Covers, Mercaptan, Projections, Jack Afro, Snake Shooter, 10 Seconds of Chaos, Avarice, Stateless, Loqui, Beautiful Feet, Skylarkin, El Camino, The Black 'n' Blues Band, Fake Tan, The Lock 'n' Keys, Grammatics, Day of The Dead, Nylon 66, Humanity's Gone, Roborovski, Swagger, Bearhead, Insect Guide, Revelator Band, The Program, Ophelia, Mount, OK, Geoffrey Oi!cott, The Port Brothers, Holy State, Black Fang, Spring Heeled Jack, FWA, Hog Island Boas, The Enemy Within, Magpyes, Lowfields, Nu-Rail, Brown Paper Aeroplane, Nielsens, Gorgon Brown, Death Hand Approaching, Heitinger, Rhode Island, Legion, The Pact, Die Mergency, Gash, Rabbit At The Controls, Normal Man, Keys To Machinery, Ikea Death, The New Brascos, Gazelles, Everybody's Going To Die, Goatspeed, The Wick Effect, Burningstars, Parallel or Ninety Degrees, The Acutes, Vile Vile Creatures, Cellar Door, Dirty Harry Callaghan, Invisible Cities, Easter Island Statues, Future Colours, Kursk, End To Empires, Unforgiven, The Drunken Boat, Whole Sky Monitor, Lone Wolf, Tree of Sores, Double Muscle, Honour Before Glory, Trumpets of Death, Sketches, Lazy Baby, Cruyff, Eat Defeat, The Blind Dead McJones Band, Fred Savage, Eric Bana, Epic Derek, Silly Billies, Free Soul Poetic, Molotov Bible, Ark of Man Apples, The Treated, Seagraves, Fighting Man, Vacant Kiss, Nupogodi, Mr Hardface, Cordell, The Attic, Cud, The Sinister Cleaners, Jaded Eyes, Ravens, Sam Airey, Envoys, Voyeur, Carer, The Jaunty Gentlemen's Club, This Many Boyfriends, The Frugal, Belle de Jour, Radio Partisan, Suzy Blu, Ghostless, Not Without A Fight, Working Parts, Maddie & The Watermelons, Wakkinell, Imp, Terra 1st, LS6 All Stars, The Strawberry Thieves, Stockyard Crossing, Roxyrama, Soviet Junk, Cattle, Palace Lights, 2 Car Family, Unwave, Blind Haze, Take Turns, Bearfoot Beware, Jackson Lee, Feluka, Zozo, Mush, Super Luxury, Nervous Twitch, Klammer, 74 Percent, Dead End Riviera, When Giants Fall, Tosser Lad, Mother Culture, Spoils & Relics, Flies On You, Moonwreck, Atlasonic, November Fires, Set Sails, Bi-Faith, Hunting Bears, Johnny Grey Band, Clean Shirts, Cardboard Cowboy, Syslak, Dr Crow, Deadbeats, Jabberwocky, Day of the Jackal, Talking Candy, Red Written Black, Parachute Men, Port Brothers, Inbetween, Kamuls, Animals of the Carnival, Introspects, Jake and the Jellyfish, Buses For Trains, The Wharfe Street Galaxy Band, Cat Apostrophe, X-Ray Eyes, Strangers & Trainers, Higher Power, The Big Come-On, No Mercy, Crumbs, Melts, Drahla,Tooth & Nail, Blood Eagle, Myrr, Walk For Days, Crazy Paving,The Worm Boys, Electrio, Weathermen, The Last Episode ... and anyone else who's booked in since this list was updated!